Astrology with Keith

Astrological Advice: Single Question.

Sometimes we need just a quick chat rather than a full session. This is catered for here, you will be advised if your question is suitable for the quick chat, but things like what is a suitable career, what should I seek in a future relationship? This is still interactive though and you still retain responsibility for your own life. Sessions are conducted face to face at The Libra Centre.

Astrological Consultation.

Astrology is a tool for examining and developing the real you, it will help you reach your true and full potential by lighting the way ahead and within.

The Future.

At The Libra Centre we do not go in for fortune-telling we concentrate more on analysing the energies which are available to you, not to predict the future but to asses the best times and methods for you to create the future you want.

What is your potential.

The fulfilment of human potential is at the heart of everything we do at The Libra Centre, astrology is a simple and effective tool to not only show you your full potential but to help you towards it. It can be frightening at first to realise the full extent of what you are capable of becoming but we will help you accept your potential and guide you along the way to achieving it.

Sessions are conducted face to face at The Libra Centre.

You may also use these sessions as a tutorial on Astrology.

Phone 01492 621076 for an appointment.

How much does it cost?

A full one hour consultation is £20.00
A shorter consultation for a single question is £10.00
For the un-waged and struggling we will work for a donation, this must be a serious request from those wanting to turn their lives around.

Consultations via Email

Consultations done this way have proven very successful and convenient, no need to leave home or office, we can converse by email to get to the point and provide clear written solutions and or advice.

After payment of the £25 fee, please provide as much information as possible so I can answer your question clearly and concisely.

Astrological Answers by Email

Most people who consult an astrologer have a particular issue that they want to explore. Sure, they're interested in the rest of the information too, but there's almost always something that is the primary reason for scheduling the consultation.

A full scale astrology consultation is expensive and time consuming, and maybe is more than you actually need. Why not cut to the chase, and immediately focus in on your most important issue?

Many people have limited free time available, and are reluctant to schedule an astrology consultation. Between demanding careers, family obligations, and whatever else is tying up an individual's free time, there's simply no room in the schedule for more appointments. It may be that you are simply too far from an Astrologer you trust.

If either of these situations apply to you, the Working Cycles Consultation by Email is your answer: Affordable, issue-focused astrology at your fingertips!

Here's how it works: The client pays via PayPal, see Buy Now button above, emails their question from our contact Page, and receives their report via return email, several days later (never longer than a week, almost always much sooner). £25.00 buys you a very considered multi-page page report.

These are not "canned" reports - no computer printouts. All Consultations by Email are personally written for you and you alone.

Your birth data is required to accurately answer your questions. Birth data includes the exact date, time, and location of your birth.

Business Astrology by Email

If requesting a start up date include the type of business, place of business and range of dates ie, I need to be operating in 3 months. As this type of work involves much more work, sifting through different dates and times to find the optimum moment to begin, this type is more expensive but still excellent value for money at £50.00