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A Guide to the Universal Vision.

What is Spiritual Politics.

Is it time for a Spiritual based politics? I am not here advocating a merger of church and state, when I discuss Spirituality I am not referring to religion, I am talking about the inner and outer connections which bind us all as one cooperative organism not ever warring factions be that nations, states, tribes or neighbours.

How can we recognize a spiritually based politics? Here are some key qualities:

Remind you of anyone? No, thought not.

Spiritual Politictions
How will such a politician be received in today's political arena?
Answer: he or she will be eaten alive. The reason is, the system of political parties which only exist for point scoring rhetoric. The party system will be dealt with later because I would suspect that if we are to ever make Spiritual politics a reality it will come, like it does on an individual level, from within. It will come about when our career politicians get in touch with their inner voices and find the courage to express them.

Change hurts
On the positive side, I am sure that one day it will come about, at first in a small way in just a few nations but will then develop quickly to all the nations of the world. Not that this will bring about a Utopian society, no there will still be problems and possibly it will appear that there will be even more problems than today, this is because a change to a more spiritual holistic focus, will issue in more responsibility and not everyone will be able to cope with such changes as will necessarily come about, even to the enlightened change is painful.

Party Politics
A political system based on political parties can never be spiritual because it is founded in division and opposition, in cannot be cooperative, it cannot be inclusive, it cannot work for the good of the whole because it is established for the sole purpose of gaining power over another. Think of the words used to describe party politics, 'party in power', 'opposition party', 'shadow cabinet' none of these sound very spiritual do they. While I accept that there are certain topics which seem to be covered by 'cross party' support it is not enough and if you feel that democracy is a good thing then party politics is most definitely not democratic. Consider this, in my community a certain candidate is prefered, they get elected to represent our community and get sent off to the Houses of Parliament only to find that the party to which he belongs did no win so our representative is consigned to a side of the house which has no say in government hence our community has no say in government, how democratic is that.

But do we want democracy, this ideology which is touted around the world as the ideal system of government. Democracy means rule by the many, or majority rule, so what happens to the minority? It must also be remembered that there is not just one minority there are many different minorities if we add up the various minorities in any society we arrive at a majority. The saddest aspect of majority rule though is that innovations and improvements always are initially found by a minority, the majority never decide to change until the minority has found a loud enough voice. Change, growth and improvement are hindered in a democracy. We need to listen to the inovators and radicals because that is where growth is, not all minority ideas are good of course but the point is we will never find the good ones until we are prepared to listen with an open mind.

Political Systems
There are of course many political systems spread around the world and throughout history, there is a very interesting assessment of most of them here politics with two cows , informative and humorous. All of them are failures though in there own way.

A possible solution
Almost immediately after I had this Universal Vision discussed in Our Mission I came across a system by the Bahai's , a religious organization. In this we see progressive representation that starts within the community. The community selects, note I said selects, not elects, for no campaigning is allowed, any system based on power and ego is bound to fail. In the community there will be some who are know to work and serve the community and the community will vote for one to represent them in the next level of regional government, this regional level will select someone from within to represent them in the next regional level and this process is continued all the way up to a global level. The problem with this is of course the general lack of cohesive and committed communities. You see the main problem with politics today, is not with corrupt or self serving politicians it is with the apathy found in our communities and this is the way forward, this is where we most look for change, a bottom up solution. We need, must, enliven our communities if we are to realize the Universal Vision.

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